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Local Business Builder™

Are you a local business owner who’s worried about where to get your next customer?

Have you tried a bunch of online marketing ideas, and none of them worked or were sustainable?

Do you want a simple, surefire plan to get customers in your door?

I created the Local Business Builder program to help people like you get control of their marketing. Through engaging video training, mastermind-style group calls with other business owners, and coaching from our local business experts, we’ll guide you to create an actionable plan for your brand’s online marketing….and then tell you exactly how to execute it.

My team and I will be with you every step of the way, helping you to create a messaging strategy that attracts potential customers, memorable email marketing, and enticing social media posts.

When you complete the Local Business Builder program, new customers will more easily find you, you’ll know how to communicate your value to them, and your previous customers will want to come back. And you’ll be so confident about your marketing, you’ll be able to do it yourself in a fraction of the time.

cin salach

This program pushed me outside my comfort zone in just the right way. I was really nervous at first but realized during the first session that I was so well supported, I could just take the leap and say "later comfort zone!"

- Cin Salach, Poemgrown

Stephanie was straight-forward, knew her stuff, and pushed us to start. It can be hard to create a new thing - she knows that and kept us all moving. I like that no one got left behind.

- Jill Tyler, Q4 Consulting

The specific feedback and encouragement she gave each participant showed Stephanie really cared about ensuring we would be successful.

- Marcia Layton Turner, Freelance Writer

As a teacher, Stephanie was unfailingly encouraging and energetic, with spot-on constructive feedback.

- Bill Connor, Oratorio

Local Business Builder is for you if:

You’ve tried a few different marketing platforms and ideas, but nothing has really rung your cash register

You’ve dabbled in email marketing, and you’re not sure how to grow your list or use it to generate foot traffic and sales

You feel like you’re often behind the eight-ball in creating seasonal or other promotions and offers

You or someone in your company is managing your marketing, and you need more tools and confidence to do the job really well